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Repair Your Business' Important Branding With Sign Repair From B&D Signs

Our fleet of trucks and technicians have been servicing accounts for years. A large part of our business is from customers that have been with us for years and the reasons are simple. We strive to perform effective business sign repairs at affordable prices with courteous service.


For business sign repair services in DFW, East Texas, West Texas and beyond.

  • Light Bulb, Neon or LED Replacement

  • Missing or Unsecured Trim

  • Damaged or Deteriorating Welds

  • Vinyl Removal and Replacement

  • Face Repair or Replacement

  • Storm Damage

  • Structural Repairs

  • Transformer/Ballast Replacement

  • Parking Lot Light Repair/Replacement

Man Standing on Ladder Installing a Sign in Sherman Texas

Our Sign Repair Services

Sign Repair

At B&D Signs of Texas, we offer reliable and effective sign repair services, regardless if we fabricated the sign for you or not. If your sign is a couple of years old and starting to show it, getting a new sign is a large investment and effective sign repair services can get your old sign looking like new, and help you save a bit of money too. Our sign experts can take a look at your sign and give you an estimate of the pricing, so if you do go through with our sign repair services, the only thing that will surprise you is how good your old sign will look after we are done!

Sign Refurbishment

Many times, an older business sign that looks a bit broken down or worn just needs some refurbishment work done to bring back the sheen, the colors, or a bit of both. And when you are operating a business on a tight budget already, affording a new sign is a big investment — especially when you can make your old sign look like new with the right sign repair company like B&D Signs. No matter what sign type you have or whether we made it for you or not, we can offer the sign refurbishment services you need. And, if sign refurbishment or repair isn't the right option for you, our team can also fabricate a custom sign that fits your budget and your needs.

Electrical Sign Repair

One of the unique sign repair services that we can offer to our customers is not only sign repair for a wide variety of standard material signs, but also electrical sign repair. An electrical sign that lights up at night can be pretty beneficial to any business, but when it is in need of repair and certain letters or sections go out, it can really hinder the ability of your electrical sign to visually support your brand. At B&D Signs, in addition to our team of fabricators and sign repair technicians, we also have an electrician. If you have an electrical sign that is in need of repair, our team at B&D can help repair the electrical issues and give you back a functional electrical sign that is ready to serve your needs.

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