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You might have considered sign repair for your business sign, but you may still be on the fence about it. Check out the info below to see just how valuable a sign repair could be for your business, and how B&D Signs of Texas can help.

Why you might be a candidate for sign repair service if:

  1. Your current sign is weathered, worn out, and in need of refurbishment.

  2. You need a new revamped sign but have a limited budget.

  3. A part of your sign isn't lighting up correctly.

  4. Your sign is broken and needs to be repaired/re-installed.

  5. You want a new style using your old sign, maybe you want to add electrical elements or new paint. 

Our professionals are State Licensed Installers, Sign Electricians, and Crane Certified

Mike P. - TX

Excellent service, excellent work and very helpful staff.

Eric S. - TX

Very professional signs, offered great options and assistance with design work. Great price!

Sarj A. - TX

High-tech folks with state-of-the-art equipment. Fast, reliable, and extremely affordable. They have done many signs for me.

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