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As a business, you need to be versatile in the way that you display your brand. To do this you will need to make use of many forms of vinyl printing. Whether you’re interested in a vinyl banner or vinyl wraps for your new office space, hire a reputable company like B&D Signs to handle the job. 

Common Sizes

We can make banners virtually any size from 1’x2′ all the way up to 30’x60′. Some of the more common sizes are listed below.

2’x4′ • 3’x6′ • 4’x8′ • 5’x10′ • 6’x12′

Banner Material & Options

13oz Single-Sided Vinyl • This is our standard banner material and is used on all banner projects unless otherwise specified.

15oz Blockout Double-Sided Vinyl 

Metal Grommets • These are the metal “rings” put into the corners of each banner for easier installation. They are placed every 2 feet on most banners. Extra grommets may be added for an additional cost.